Procedure Costs

Most insurances will cover the cost of the procedures, less any co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles that may apply. As a courtesy to our patients, we provide each patient with a written estimate in advance of their procedure of potential out-of-pocket expenses associated with the procedure and insurance coverage, and un-met deductibles and co-insurance, if applicable. This estimate does not include anesthesiology or pathology fees.

Dependent upon the actual contract we have with your insurance provider, you may be responsible for the following fees:

  • Professional Fee– which is the doctor’s charge for performing your procedure.
  • Facility Fee– which is the charge for the procedure being performed in our endoscopy center.  (If your procedure is performed at the hospital, the hospital would bill your insurance company for this fee, which is usually higher than if performed in our endoscopy center.)
  • Pathology Fee– if the physician takes a biopsy and sends to the pathology lab, the pathology lab will file their charges directly with your insurance company.  Our estimate does not include any potential pathology fee responsibilities. The Patient is responsible is responsible for any pathology fees not covered by insurance. The cost varies based on number of biopsies and types of lab tests performed by pathologists.
  • Anesthesia Fee– is the charge for anesthesia services provided for your procedure.  If applicable, you may receive a separate invoice from Carolina Anesthesia.  Our estimate does not include any potential anesthesia fee responsibilities.

We strongly encourage patients to check directly with their insurance provider if they have questions about their benefits, and to determine whether a referral is required.