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Archive for the ‘Medical Information’ Category

Zantac – A Warning From the Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has discovered that a chemical impurity known as NDMA has been found in certain lots of Zantac (Ranitidine).  NDMA is considered a probable human carcinogen.  The substance was also discovered in various blood pressure medications a year ago which prompted the FDA to recommend recalls of these medications. The…

How Caring for Your Heart is Also Caring for Your Gut

February is a month for hearts. You’ve no doubt seen all the red and pink hearts, roses, and chocolates in stores for Valentine’s Day. It’s also American Heart Health month, with a push by large societies such as the American Heart Association and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute for people to evaluate their risk…

The Effects of Smoking on Your Gut

You’re probably aware that smoking is the number one risk factor for the development of lung cancer, that it contributes to breathing problems, and that it’s bad for your heart. But did you know that smoking also affects your gut? Let’s take a look at what smoking does (or doesn’t) do to your digestive tract….

The Importance of Immunizations for the GI Patient

Most people don’t like being poked with a needle, whether for an injection or for a blood draw (though the exception seems to be tattoos!). Once we’ve completed our childhood immunizations, how important is it really to get others? For many GI patients, it’s very important. Let’s take a look. For Liver Patients For patients…

From Your Doctor’s Perspective

If you were to sit down with your doctor over a good cup of coffee on a cool day, what would he or she tell you? What piece of advice does every doctor wish their patients knew? AARP recently did an article about this, which you can read here. Consumer Reports also did an article…

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