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Archive for the ‘Holidays’ Category

Holiday Wish List from Your Gut Microbiome

With the holidays upon us, you’ve probably seen a wish list or two. Maybe you’ve written one. But between this year’s trendiest gift and that top of your Santa list gadget, your body is quietly trying to get a word in, too. Maybe this year will be the year you gift yourself a little gut…

Tackling the Holidays Without Food Intolerances Tackling You

There is nothing more American than football, and the holidays just wouldn’t be the same without sporting your favorite team’s jersey, cheering at a TV screen (or in person if you’re lucky!), and groaning when the refs make a bad call. The holidays can also be one of the hardest times of the year when…

Seven Ways to Avoid Travelers’ Diarrhea

It’s finally time for vacation and you’ve planned the trip of a lifetime! You’ve got the perfect travel wardrobe, the perfect itinerary, and the perfect companions joining you (and yes, the perfect companion can be yourself if you’re stepping out for a solo holiday). This trip is to an exotic location, somewhere to jolt you…

You, Your Gut, and Jet Lag

It’s summertime! The travel bug is in the air. Maybe you’ve made travel plans already, now that the kids have finished the school year. Maybe you’ve been looking forward to a summer abroad program with your university. Or maybe you’re still deciding where exactly to go for the perfect summertime getaway. Travel across several time…

Sail through the Holidays with (and in spite of) IBD

All of the autumn leaves have been raked and bagged, the outdoor temperatures are falling, and there just might be some snow in time to grant your wish for a white Christmas. Carols play at every store, cheerful lights brighten houses, and yummy smells of our favorite holiday foods fill the air. There’s no mistaking…