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Archive for the ‘Diet’ Category

H2O and Your Digestion

With the holidays behind us but the coldest part of winter setting in, now is the time of year many begin fantasizing about days warm enough to slide into a swimming pool to cool off…snorkeling in crystal blue waves…dashing through a sprinkler with the kids in the back yard…filling water balloons for the annual end…

The Foods of Mood

Maybe you’ve noticed that certain foods and drinks can really turn your mood around (or upside down). For instance, the day you leave home in a rush and forget your cup of coffee, you feel sluggish and are more prone to snap at your coworker. Or that late afternoon cookie break gives you a sudden…

Grill Food Poisoning off the Menu

Summertime is the time to grill. But grilling is made for sharing, and who better to share all that scrumptious yumminess with than friends and family at a picnic? Afterwards it’s card games, tossing a Frisbee around, a dip in the pool, telling inside jokes, and… Food poisoning? No one wants food poisoning on the…

The Most Common Food Intolerance Worldwide

Pop quiz! Which of the following is the most common food intolerance worldwide? Gluten (wheat) Lactose (dairy) Soy Sulfites (preservatives) None of the above If you guessed lactose, you’re right. Let’s take a look at this common culprit for digestive issues. What is lactose intolerance? This is a condition where the body is unable to…

Your Pancreas and You

Chances are, the only time you’ve heard of an organ in your body called the pancreas, it had to do with cancer. Celebrities like Patrick Swayze and Steve Jobs both died highly publicized deaths of pancreatic cancer. But what is the pancreas, and what does it do in the body? Let’s take a look. The…

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