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Author Archive

Congratulations to GIH Office Manager, Amy Slater!

Amy Slater, Office Manager and Insurance Billing Manager, recently celebrated her 15th anniversary with GIH. When asked about her longevity with the company, Amy replied: “Working with Dr. Cvetkovski and his wonderful team of professionals for the last 15 years brings joy to my soul. I love coming to work every day knowing that we make…

Preventive Services Task Force Issued New Recommendations for Colorectal Cancer

In May 2021, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued new recommendations for colorectal cancer stating that people at average risk should start screening at age 45, which will allow health insurance companies to cover the cost of the test at a younger age. The recommended age was lowered from 50 to 45 because colorectal cancer…

Maintaining a Healthy Weight with, and in Spite of, the Stay-at-Home Orders

COVID-19 has been a punch in the gut for the whole world. It’s resulted in an unprecedented shutdown of normal life for people in many different countries as healthcare workers and scientists do their best to heal people who have caught it, study it to find a successful vaccine, and discover ways to exploit its…

Defeating COVID by What You Put Into, and What Comes Out of, Your Mouth

  You know your gut helps you absorb nutrients from your food. But did you know it also plays an important role in your immune system? Eating a nutritionally balanced diet helps keep your immune system in its best shape. There is even chatter in the scientific world that the gut microbiome (the normal bacteria…

Antibiotics and Your Gut Microbiome

The first antibiotic was discovered accidentally by Scottish physician Alexander Fleming when he noticed that mold killed bacteria in a petri dish. The compound derived from that mold would eventually become known as penicillin, a medication now prescribed the world over. But even Fleming put forth some caution about his discovery’s use: he said to…