Want to Save Money & Time?

At GIH we know that our patients time is valuable and the insurance co-pay expense of office consultations keeps increasing. We value our patients and want to do everything we can to make scheduling a screening colonoscopy easy for our patients.

With our “Fast Track Colonoscopy” option we can conduct a quick health pre-screening assessment over the phone with you. If you meet the requirements to continue through the “Fast Track Colonoscopy” process we are able to conduct a more thorough health history review over the telephone with you, and pending no concerning health issues, we are able to schedule your procedure. It’s that easy and convenient. Not only saving you time, but saving you the specialist co-pay fee for an otherwise required office consultation appointment.

Don’t delay scheduling your screening colonoscopy, it can save your life. GIH is Kicking Cancer in the Butt! Call us at 919-870-1311 for more information.