With Dr Cvetkovski – You’re In Good Hands

medical doctor wearing a white lab coat

When you say the word “colonoscopy” most people don’t have a very favorable reaction. Admittedly colonoscopies are awkward at best. However, at GastroIntestinal Healthcare (GIH) in Raleigh, NC, you can rest assured that you will be in the best possible care. We are proud of our professional staff that treats patients with care and expertise. Our promise to our clients is to make their colonoscopy experience as pleasant as possible.

But why listen to us if you can listen to our patients who have undergone colonoscopies at our center? We have curated a list of testimonials that illustrates our dedication to satisfying our patients in every way possible.


We have a host of testimonials speaking of our physician and staff’s professional and caring service. One patient said:

“I have had numerous out-patient and in-patient experiences for both myself and my husband. I must say that your facility and staff were among the most professional and caring. Thank you!!”

Did you see that double exclamation mark? This patient was truly happy with our services – not only once, but several times. This is a testimony to our consistent excellent service. Our staff knows how to balance professionalism with patient care and our patients can see the outcomes of their efforts.

Another patient said:

 “Everyone on staff is very professional. They do their job every day – all day, and yet, they make the patients feel like they are a priority and like they are the only one there. Excellent care!”

This is yet another testimonial that commends our staff’s professionalism.  This patient recognized one of our key values – the welfare of each and every patient is important. We make sure that each patient gets the care that they deserve and we treat each patient with the utmost respect. We understand that colonoscopies can be awkward and through our professionalism and personal care, we try to make our patients as comfortable as possible.


The best testimonial of good services is repeat clients. If patients received excellent service the first time, they’re  bound to return if they need further treatment, although that would hopefully not be necessary. The following testimonial speaks volumes:

“Recently when I learned I needed another procedure done, I advised my primary care doctor that I would like to be referred to Dr. C. I have developed the utmost trust and faith in your practice.”

When our patients need another treatment, they don’t want to be treated by anyone else than Dr. C! Our doctor is well-known for his knowledge and expertise and our patients can tell that they are in good hands.  It’s always a great sign if patients want to return to our services. It tells us that our dedication and expertise is valued and visible.

We get excellent testimonials on a regular basis, so it’s impossible to list them all. Our patients feel that from the first contact over the phone to their last contact after being discharged was professional and positive – exactly the way that we planned it to be. We care about our patients and want them to have the best experience possible from start to finish.

In fact, patients are willing to go out of their way to receive treatment at GIH. One couple drives 1.5 hours to reach the clinic, just because our staff is so caring – from reception to discharge.

“Wonderful staff. My wife and I live 1.5 hours away, but continue to use your practice because of the caring staff – from reception to discharge we are always treated with love.”­­


We know that the prospect of a colonoscopy can be scary. However, after undergoing a colonoscopy at GIH, our patients have learned that the treatment is not scary at all!

“Your entire staff was absolutely wonderful.  When I need a colonoscopy again, I will have no fears.  I am definitely going to recommend you to my friends.  Thank you for your kindness and understanding.”

There’s no need to be scared of a colonoscopy with Dr. C. The staff here at GIH goes out of their way to put their patients’ fears to rest. In a calm and caring environment such as what you would find at GIH, it is easy to feel comfortable about the procedure that you are about to go through.


“My experience was excellent. Please don’t make any changes.”

This testimonial might as well be seen as the final word. Don’t make any changes. We promise to keep delivering professional, caring services with the necessary expertise so that you can rest assured that your colonoscopy experience will be a good one.

If you want to read more testimonials about our professional, expert and caring services you can visit our patient experiences page.